Note from the Director

paris-portraits-40Dear friends,

For years we’ve been facing a huge and seemingly insurmountable task: we’ve needed to build more units for our growing team to occupy; we’ve needed to buy property for that growth; and we’ve needed to repair our current units. Prayers have been prayed all over the world, and God has responded through His people. This month it is our strategic prayer request, and we are seeing it answered right now!!

In 2017 we should be spending about $700,000 on capital purchases without touching our general operating budget. We’ll also be spending close to $33,300 on major maintenance projects this year with the overage we’ve brought forward during our last two years. This is the result of good planning, but more it is the result of God’s blessing through His church. Please thank God for answering our prayers.

Our facilities stand as a monument to God’s faithfulness. For some members those monuments started years ago with the office building and the later extension. For others it started more recently with the National Coworker House. For all of us it will be the new building this year and the hoped for purchase of the new property in town. There is a reason God instructed His people in the Old Testament to build physical monuments to mark great occasions. Seeing the monument helped them remember God’s faithfulness. In the New Covenant we do that weekly through sharing the Lord’s Supper, but our branch also has large buildings that stand tall as a reminder of the power of prayer, the generosity of the international Church, and God’s unfailing love for us. We will actively remember these things when we work in the new conference room or drop off a team at the National Coworker House or live in the new housing coming this year. These monuments will declare, “God is always faithful and there is still work to be done in PNG.”

Brian Paris, Branch Director