Note from the Director

paris-portraits-40Dear friends,

January. The month of clean slates. Freshness. Starting over. Resolutions. I’ve seen all the resolutions rolling around social media, none of them very new or very fresh. I’ve seen the obligatory backlash as publicly posting resolutions trends up. Resolutions are no longer acceptable, some say, because we all make them, we all break them, so just stop! This time of year is always such a poignant reminder to me of our fallen human nature. God designed us to seek beauty, purity, and holiness. But we fell into sin and though we are ever reaching for those things, we’re always falling short apart from Him.

Our branch meets together annually in January to discuss business. It can be a watershed. A time of emotional outpouring, of coming together and walking away bound in a fresh sense of oneness. Or it can be a time of divisiveness, bitterness, and anger. We can walk away with frayed nerves and friendships, having loved each other poorly.

We enter into this season of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) desiring to love each other purely and to glorify God. We strive for that as we prep, strive for that as we enter the conference room, and desire that as we bump into one another around the office. Pray with us that our strivings would not be empty. That as we claw through our brokenness, God would meet each of us and we would walk away from this meeting with a renewed sense of oneness, a deeper love for that particular teammate we struggle with the most.

God give us grace, give us faith, give us You, and walk with us as we seek to love more profoundly in 2017.

Brian Paris, Branch Director