About the Team

We are a team working together as part of the body of Christ to accomplish the work God has laid before us. We are more than Bible translators. We are God’s servants, His hands and feet in Papua New Guinea.

Meet the team

Augusta Agusta Ban has worked for Pioneer Bible Translators PNG since 2000. She serves in housekeeping.
bliffen (150x113) Jim and Joni Bliffen arrived in country January 2014. Jim serves in the area of Scripture Impact and Joni is serving as the Administrator of Finance.
Duplechin-14 (640x640) Kevin, Erin, Josey, and Corabelle Duplechin arrived in PNG January 2013. They are currently investing their time in the area of Scripture Impact and continuing to broaden their experience in PNG culture and language.
DSC_9068x (2) Tyler and Emily Hewitt met here in PNG and got married in May of 2012. Tyler serves as Administrator of Information Technology. Emily serves as the Director of Support Services and continues to hold her position as Scripture Impact specialist.
Sharon Kozar Sharon Kozar arrived in PNG in January 2014. She serves as an administrative assistant.
 Todd and Angela Owen Website-1 Todd and Angela Owen served as translators with the Somau Garia people from 1997 to 2008, completing translation of the Gospel According to Mark. After a hiatus, they returned to PNG in July 2015 to complete translation of the Somau Garia New Testament.
501 Brian, Hannah, Ray Evangeline, and Willa Paris arrived in PNG in January 2011. Brian serves as the Branch Director and Hannah serves by maintaining the website and caring for their two girls.
Christmas card Jacob, Elizabeth, James, and Marissa Smith arrived in PNG in September 2015. They will be working in translation and literacy.
DSCN0497  Aaron and Delaina Spence arrived in PNG January 2017 to serve as Bible translators. They come with their daughter, Tirzah.
 Martha Wade Martha Wade has served as a Bible translator among the Apal people since 1985. She is also a translation consultant.
  Sesina Andrew joined the team in 2016, serving in housekeeping.
  Justin Bane officially joined the team as the National Literacy Trainer in 2017 after volunteering for Pioneer Bible for over 15 years. He and his wife, Matilda, have 6 children.
  Lois Bayyom-Nai has served as a bookkeeper in the Pioneer Bible Translators PNG Finance Office since 1990.
  Bethaney Butler grew up in Likan village among the Waran-speaking people where her parents, William and Robin, served. She returned as an adult in 2009 and serves in logistics.
  William and Robin Butler have served as a translation team for the Waran people since 1980. They hope to complete the Waran New Testament soon. Robin also serves as our Entry Coordinator.
  Josephine Gumuka joined our logistics team in 2009. In addition to housekeeping, she is responsible for distributing food and supplies to our national co-workers and to hospital patients who are here under the auspices of a Pioneer Bible Translators PNG missionary. She also is a great cook.
  Saiyon Joma joined Pioneer Bible Translators PNG in 2015 and serves as our receptionist.
  David and Carol Kramka arrived in Madang in 2014. David works with logistics for national translation teams, and also serves on the technical services team. Carol works in the literacy office with curriculum and with the linguistic library organization.
  Diane Miller served in PNG from 1985 to 2000, then returned in 2009. She serves as a consultant who has focused much time on facilitating development of Elementary 1 curriculum for use in mother-tongue schools. She also assists in our publications department and oversees the branch library.
  BJ and Lisa Noland, and their children, Thelma, Sydney, Ben, Avery Jo, Thelma, Austin James, and Rynn, arrived in PNG in September 2015. BJ serves as the Administrator of Technical Services.
  Erastus Otairobo is from the Solomon Islands. He is a consultant who assists in checking translated Scripture. In addition to his work with Pioneer Bible Translators PNG, he worked part time to complete the translation of the New Testament into Baegu, his mother tongue, under an arrangement with The Seed Company. The NT Baegu translation is now complete!
  Elizabeth Peizey came to Pioneer Bible Translators PNG in January 2014; she serves as our Publications Assistant and is cross trained to be our receptionist.
  Raphael Waiwo joined our team in 2016 and serves in facilities maintenance.
  Colin joined our team in 2017 and serves in facilities maintenance.


Other teams part of our branch that are serving remotely:

Herchenroeder 08-2009 in PNG resize Mike and Eunice Herchenroeder served in PNG from 1984 to 1992 and returned in 2007. Mike now serves remotely from Dallas while Eunice is serving as the Coordinator of Internal Communications for Pioneer Bible Translators in Dallas.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Lindy Pate arrived in PNG in January 2011 after coaching numerous summer internship teams over the past several years. She is a Bible translator who has spent time working alongside Martha Wade in the Apal people group. She is now serving remotely from Dallas.
 urton_prayer_card Chris and Lori Urton have served as a translation team among the Sob people since 2001. They published the book of Jonah in 2007 and the book of Luke in 2015. They are now members on remote assignment with Chris traveling back to PNG periodically to work with the Sob people. Chris also serves as a translation consultant to other language groups as well.
 Norm & Jill Norm and Jill Weatherhead served the Nend people in the past. They are now members on remote assignment, making periodic trips to PNG where Norm serves as Director of Language Affairs; Norm also serves the branch as a translation consultant. Jill has acquired her PNG nursing license and is exploring opportunities for her next step.
 Lori Witham Apma Acts printed Lori Witham has served in PNG since 1993. She returned to the US in 2013 to continue working for the branch as a member on remote assignment where she typesets branch New Testaments and Scripture portions, as well as literacy material.
  Steve and Rhonda Hayward have served among the Tay people since 1984. The Tay New Testament was dedicated in 2014 and they periodically return to engage the community.
  Kathy Klopman served in PNG for five years, recently returning to the States. She continues the serve the branch in various ways.