Accomplishing His work

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By Lori Witham

The Papua New Guinea Branch of Pioneer Bible Translators is very close to seeing another New Testament published and in the hands of the Mborena Kam language group, as we work to publish their New Testament by the end of this month. This translation work has been ongoing for decades for PBT translators, consultants, advisors, a team of dedicated Mbore translators, and the Mbore people. But now that we’re nearing the finish line, for the past year the entire branch of PBT members, and even family members of the Mbore men have joined together to reach the finish line like never before.

But I’m realizing as we push to finish, and as each obstacle is put in front of us by the enemy, that this isn’t the project of the Mborena Kam language group or even of PBT.  This is God’s project, and He has been using us all along to accomplish His will. God is the one who fought back through illnesses, setbacks, delays, and problems. God is the one who gave His servants healings, victories, and successes. And God is fulfilling His purposes because He loves all of the Mbore people, and He wants to speak loving words to them in the Mborena Kam language, bringing life and salvation and joy.

Lori works in the Publications Department, serving remotely from the USA as a desktop publishing specialist. She has been working on typesetting the Mborena Kam New Testament since September, by God’s enabling.

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