Are there any more books of the Bible?

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By Martha Wade

In August 2012, I spent parts of five days traveling to get to and return from Gandep Bible College where I taught a five day scripture use course to 30 students from 9 different language groups.  Despite the difficulties of traveling, the trip was worth it. I had been there when we taught these same students at their first module in 2010.  Several of them at that time had said, “We can’t read these books. They aren’t in our dialect. It is too hard!” But now at the end of their 5th module, these same students laughed when I reminded them of their remarks in 2010.  These Waran students said that reading the book of Mark was not a problem now and they had with them 4 other epistles that had been published in the Waran language.  They asked, “Are there any more books of the Bible available that we can read and use for preaching?” I told them that I would ask about getting reviewer’s copies of more books for them.  The Waran New Testament is one of several New Testaments that are almost completed.  Please pray that God will strengthen the translation team and give them good health so that preachers in the Waran language group can have the whole New Testament soon.

Martha is a Bible translator serving the Apal language group.

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