Are you making too many substitutions?

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By Jill Riepe

When we have consultant checking in the village, I try to make a sweet treat for each day. One day I decided to make brownies. I had most of the ingredients. I just needed unsweetened chocolate squares and shortening. Since I was in the village, I couldn’t go to the store and buy it. For the chocolate, I substituted a dark chocolate bar I had received in a package and for the shortening, I substituted oil. I mixed it all together and stuck it in the oven. When I pulled the pan out, it didn’t look like brownies. For some reason, everything separated out and it was still brownie texture, but the chocolate was not spread throughout the whole mix. It still tasted good, but it certainly wasn’t brownies.


I wondered how often we substitute real spiritual food in our lives for junk food or things of this world. While it might look okay or taste okay in the short run, it’s not the real thing. Eventually, we could be fooled into thinking that we can survive spiritually by just listening to Christian music and hearing popular sentiment about Christianity, but there is no substitute for time spent in study and meditation of God’s living Word. I pray that you won’t accept any substitutes.

Jill serves as a Bible translator and consultant.

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