Be not afraid

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By Jill Riepe

As I was preparing for translating Joshua, I read through the Hebrew text. I was struck by the command ‘to be strong and courageous.’ It’s in the first chapter three times. God often needs to remind His people to not be afraid, but to be strong and courageous.

One person told me that the Bible says 365 times “Do not be afraid,” but I find it interesting that in many of those cases, the corollary to the statement of not being afraid is that God is with you. Our lack of fear and our ability to be courageous has nothing to do with us and our abilities or strengths. It has everything to do with who God is and His active interest in our lives.

This is important for us to hold on to as we handle our daily lives whether it is in Papua New Guinea or somewhere in the western world. If we are depending on our abilities to make it through the day, than most likely we will be fearful and weak; however, if we depend on God, we will have all the strength and courage to do what He has called us to do.

Our focus should not be on the challenges, but on the One who can overcome all challenges even death.

Jill is a Bible translator serving the Ap Ma language group.

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