Bearing the load

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During September we’re focusing on trusting God for provision. Please see the Monthly Prayer Focus page to read our strategic prayer request for this month.

By Hannah Paris

We recently took a trip back to the States so my husband could attend meetings in Dallas and our children could see their grandparents. While he did what he loves (he’s clearly an extrovert!), I kept our children on the East Coast where they were surrounded by loved ones, strange but delicious food, strange but delightful places, and new routines. It was thrilling and terrifying for them, utterly throwing their norm which manifested itself most violently in their sleep habits. Before we left for the trip they were content to share a room where they would chat and giggle until they both succumbed to the inevitability of slumber. Upon returning they absolutely refused to be in the same room, fought night terrors and darkness, and left both of us reeling from lack of sleep.

Things were normalizing again in an agonizingly sloth-like manner. Several nights would harken to the easy days where they happily went to sleep, and then nights would follow that were tearful… for all of us. It was on one of those nights that the reality of Brian’s extended job settled on our household. Before he became Director, we knew the hours would be inconvenient and the demands on him would be greater than anything we had experienced thus far as a family. We prayed and prepared ourselves as best we could, but what we didn’t realize was how many other jobs the Director role had swallowed over time. One of those jobs, Field Security Officer, could be full-time, it should be filled by someone skilled in the field of security, and it is vitally important. But we have no one to fill it.

So that night when sleep was already elusive, toddlers were fragile, and the dog was driving us crazy, a call came about a security incident on another property. After making sure the residents were okay, checking the property damage, and dealing with the police, Brian came home to grab a pillow so he could sleep the rest of the night on that property at the point of entry most vulnerable. Our family coped just fine, but it was one more reminder that we desperately need a Field Security Officer. And there are so many other roles with similar consequences to all of us! When people aren’t here filling those vital positions, those of us on the ground do as much as we can, sometimes stretching us to a breaking point.

But we aren’t breaking. We’re praying. We’re trusting. Praying that God would stir the hearts of those in our passport countries He does intend to fill these positions. Trusting in His ever-present faithfulness to provide. When I feel like my husband is pulled away from me and our girls more than he should be or at exactly the wrong time, God always sustains. He always gives the strength I lack, the patience I need.

Please allow God to speak to your heart about coming and being part of our team! The following roles are positions we are living in hope to see filled in the coming years. Email Brian Paris at for clarification on any of the roles. In the meantime, pray for strength and courage for us to bear the load while wait for Him to provide!

A Group Directed Projects Coordinator by the end of 2016.
At least 2 new team members strongly gifted in administration by the year 2017.
A Field Security Officer by the year 2018.
At least 8 new translation teams by the year 2019.
At least 4 new teams to facilitate Scripture Use by the year 2017.
At least 4 literacy specialists by the year 2017.

Hannah is wife to Brian, the Branch Director, and mother of their two daughters.

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