Dance like David did!!

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By Lori Witham

Please let me share a unique perspective of the PBT Papua New Guinea branch I had last month. Since late 2013, I’ve been working in California remotely for the branch. Prior to this, for two decades I lived and worked alongside everyone at our office in Madang. Now I return for a month or two every year to take care of anything I can’t do through emails and internet contact.

During my September stay, I loved seeing what God is doing among our group. Every day I saw men from our language groups, such as the Mborena Kam, Waran, Aruamu, and Mum, come through the front door to continue each of their ongoing translation projects. I thrilled as I heard that Mborena Kam Matthew was cleaned up and ready for typesetting… followed by Mark and then Luke! At the same time, I heard that the checking of another Waran book was completed. Someone else mentioned that there were two PBT national literacy workers (from Nend and Mborena Kam languages) preparing to go out to lead a teacher training course for two new PBT languages.

One such day during our daily morning prayer times, I was listening to various prayer requests for projects such as the ones I just mentioned; one after another they were listed off, asking for prayers. Not having lived here for three years, it came fresh to my ears, despite hearing daily updates through emails and chat programs. I was overwhelmed with praise to God and broke down crying at how He was so abundantly at work among Pioneer Bible Translators and accomplishing His task!

From photocopying an Old Testament book for a current checking session to creating a vernacular school curriculum, I want to dance like David did when I see all that God is doing right now, every day amongst us and through us – every one of us – there in Madang, out in Uria, up in Ukarumpa, out – way out – in Martha’s village, yonder at Gandep, and even way, way, way out here in Hemet, California and other North American towns! God is at work amongst us! Praise His Holy name!!!

Lori works in the Publications Department, serving remotely from the USA as a desktop publishing specialist.

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