Don’t ever take a beanbag to the village

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Merry Christmas!!!

By Jill Riepe

Don’t ever take a bean bag to the village. You might think that a beanbag is the solution to the IMG_0030lack of comfortable seating in the village, but you’d be wrong. Don’t listen to the going-finish missionary as he tries to sell you his beanbags.  It will be a constant source of misery. At first, the beanbags do seem a good investment. The village kids enjoy sitting on them while they read your books. Your dog enjoys nesting in them. Your cat mistakes them for the litter box. Oops! Do you know IMG_3287how hard it is to get urine out of stuff without a washing machine? Even after you’ve got it cleaned, the rats decide that the material is a wonderful thing to chew up. Now you have a million little white styrofoam balls floating all over the house resisting confinement, and a large black dog thinking it’s the perfect time to play with her large ball. As she breathes on the white styrofoam balls, they move as if by magic. The beanbag filler balls seem to have their own force fields causing them to attract and repel each other in an arbitrary fashion. Even if you do get most of the little white balls into a bag of some sort, you can’t just throw them away. There is no garbage dump and surely someone in the village will want them. So you leave them outside the house to see if someone will give them a new home and continue to find little white styrofoam balls for the rest of your term.

Don’t ever take a beanbag to the village!

Jill serves as a Bible translator.

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