God makes a way

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By Hannah Paris

Before returning to PNG for our second term, we needed to raise money for a truck. We knew we would be travelling out in the bush quite a bit and wanted something safe and reliable to do that with. This meant we had to raise a daunting amount of money in an economic environment that was less than favorable. It was hard to trust God, but we knew this truck would make our work more efficient and hopefully bless others as well. So we waited and trusted. He did provide and we now have a vehicle that will go almost anywhere. Many people gave sacrificially to fulfill this need and we desire to see it used for God’s purposes rather than our own.

IMG_0992smallRecently two translators were staying in the flat below ours. They were in town for two weeks completing work with some of their national co-workers and buying cargo for the village. One day they needed to get into town to do some shopping, and since they are both single ladies they had a lot of anxiety about using public transport, getting all their cargo, and then using public transport to get back again; it just isn’t safe. The night before their planned outing they prayed with their national coworkers that God would provide a way for them to shop safely. It weighed heavily on their hearts.

I don’t always go to the office in the morning since my main task right now is raising our baby girl, but this particular morning I felt I should. When I walked out to the truck to get our daughter strapped into her car seat one of the ladies came out asking if it would be possible to get a ride in with me. I thought nothing of it since we were all going to the same place. I didn’t realize until I was taking her home again a few hours later how deeply they were impacted by the availability of our truck. For me it wasn’t even a slight inconvenience, but for them it was God making a way. He blessed them with the truck and He blessed me by opening an opportunity to use the truck to help someone else. He orchestrated all of it, from each person in the US that prayed or gave financially for the purchase of the truck to motivating me to go to the office right then when the ladies were leaving their flat, and we can’t wait to see all the other plans He has for His vehicle.

Hannah serves the branch as the web editor and as a stay-at-home mom.

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