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During January we’re focusing on remembering God’s provision. Please click the Prayer tab above to read our strategic prayer request for this month.

By Lori Witham

More than twenty years ago I was preparing to come to live and work in PNG. I had to purchase clothes for the South Pacific. I had to decide which of my personal belongings would be shipped overseas, and which few things I would store in my parents’ attic. I had to ask someone to be my forwarding agent, to handle the finances and personal work to be done stateside. I had to find prayer warriors for my ministry. Finally, I had to form a team who would support my ministry with PBT financially long-term and enable me to live and work for PBT overseas. PBT missionaries are all fully funded by churches and individuals who believe in the work PBT is doing.

Lori at First Church of Christ in Burlington, KY, one of the faithful partners that God provided for Lori's ministry.
Lori at First Church of Christ in Burlington, KY, one of the faithful partners that God provided for her ministry.

Forming a team of financial supporters is very often a daunting responsibility for those preparing for the field, and I was no exception. So I am very grateful for how God quickly pulled a team of family, friends, and churches I had known, until I was at sixty percent of my needed support. My departure time, though, was only two months away and I knew it would be almost impossible to find the last forty percent in only two months’ time.

But I believe God used this experience at the start of my ministry to impress on me Who is the one who actually provides for all my needs. I remembered how God clearly led me into missions, to PBT, then to the Papua New Guinea branch. I remembered how He brought together a team so quickly for me. So, though I didn’t have any idea where the remaining 40% support would come from, I did know that the PBT office in PNG was in great need of the support work I was coming to give. So it was easy when I gave the problem over to God. I told Him, “God, You called me into this work. If You want me to be in PNG in two months’ time, then it’s Your problem in finding the remaining 40% support.”

And you know what? That’s exactly what God did. Within a month, another church and several individuals joined the team, which gave me the full support I needed. After this experience, in twenty years God has always fully provided for my needs. I am able to look back and remember God’s constant perfect provision for me.

Lori is a desktop publishing specialist, assisting translators lay out translated scripture text into a book to send to the printers.

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