God’s Word Supercedes

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By Eunice Herchenroeder

“We do not practice sorcery, and we did not teach these customs to our children!” The scene was a tense village court. My friend, whom I’ll call Lalu, spoke in her son’s defense to the circle of “judges” and spectators seated all around her. He stood accused of using sorcery to cause the death of an elderly woman in their community.

Lalu finished speaking, and the court proceedings continued. Eventually someone brought a bucket of water and placed it inside the circle. “We’ll learn the truth,” declared a leader. The group began their preparations for an ancient divination ritual that they hoped would reveal the image of the presumed killer’s face on the surface of the water.

Lalu could not remain silent. She was concerned about this very real threat to her son. She was also aghast to see numbered among the diviners many who had declared themselves to be followers of Jesus.

“God has told us in His Word to follow Him and Him alone. When we follow our old ways, we are worshipping other gods. We who are Christians cannot do this, and we cannot teach these practices to our children.”

God’s word has transformed Lalu, her husband, and others in her family. God has opened her eyes to see ways that His word collides with some aspects of traditional culture, and He has given her strength and courage to speak His truth against ungodly practices.

That is why we are here … because God’s Word confronts godless practices, and because we want the Truth to be known and to prevail in this beautiful place.

Eunice and Mike Herchenroeder serve in branch administration and care facilitators.

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