Guided by God

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During June we’re focusing on seeking guidance. Each of the posts published this month will be about the author’s experiences seeking guidance from God. Please see the Prayer page to read our strategic prayer request for this month and to see how we, as a branch, are seeking God’s guidance.

By Lori Witham

I have been praying to God that I learn how to get to know Him personally, intimately. One of His answers has been to explain to me what I’m holding in my hand when I hold the Bible. Scripture is “the Word of God.” If I said, “These are the words of Lori,” that is what I am saying to communicate with you. It’s amazing to realize, but that’s exactly what the Word of God is to us – what God is saying to communicate with us! So how do I get to know God intimately? By communicating with Him, spending time with Him in prayer, and listening to Him through His Scriptures.

PBT’s strategic prayer for June, among other things, is that God would show us how to inspire people to read their Scriptures. This prayer is necessary for Christians worldwide, including in Papua New Guinea, to recognize, and continually be reminded, that the Scriptures are God’s Word. Therefore we must all regularly read and use His Scriptures to be guided by Him.Man reading Bible

It is easy to be pulled into my regular rut of daily life and not make it my goal to seek God’s plans for each day, each hour. That’s true for me; it’s true for all Christians. But we can’t grow in Christ or serve Him as He desires if we’re not seeking to be guided by Him. That’s why PBT is also making part of our strategic prayer for June that Papua New Guineans  would read and listen to God’s Word, and then by hearing God’s Word, it would create in them “a deep hunger and readiness” to hear more of God’s Word.  Amen.  May it be true of all of us as well.

Lori serves as a desktop publishing specialist, assisting translators lay out translated scripture text into a book to send to the printers.

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