Heading Out to a Village

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By Norm Weatherhead

It is my plan to fly out to a village on Tuesday this week and return back to Madang on Friday.  That is easy to say, but very difficult to arrange.  We are waiting for the word from one small aircraft company that they would have a plane in Madang on Monday and then allow me to fly on Tuesday.

The plane holds about 20 people. If there are enough people making bookings, then it will fly.  If there are not enough people, they may not fly, or you may be asked to “charter” the plane which I cannot afford.  Instead of a fare being $175, the charter is almost $1700.  And that is to fly only one hour out to the village.

There are no roads going into the village, so flying in is my only option.  I am not able to walk very far with the muscle condition I have, and the nearest river or road to help get you out of the area is over 3 hours walking.

PSK Landing  2

So please pray for this project, and the people.  Pray for my safety in travel.  Pray for my health to be strong.  Pray that I will not get sick from eating bad food or drinking bad water.  Pray for all of the other work that I do here in PNG as I try to help all the other 12 language groups, missionaries and nationals with whom I work.  I put my trust in the Lord.

Norm Weatherhead is the Director of Language Affairs.

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