Inspiring Faith

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By Rhonda Hayward

Yuwolim is my hero.  He doesn’t even realize it. He is a man of incredible faith. Inspiring faith.  Humbly, he considers it normal to trust God for all things, despite severe testing.

A few years ago, Yuwolim’s son, Jonah, began having multiple daily seizures.  We flew Yuwolim & Jonah to a large hospital. The seizures continued.  Yuwolim tells the story: “We went to the hospital and got some medicine, but it didn’t help Jonah at all, so we came back to the village. I was very confused, ‘What should I do?’ I felt God saying to me, ‘You must not worry, but focus on me instead.’ So I released Jonah to God, to do with Jonah as He wanted.  I realized that life or death were good in Jesus. Some people wanted to work magic by calling on the spirit’s aid to heal Jonah. I said, ‘No. God is the one caring for Jonah. Why would I go to someone else for help?’

Yuwolim & others kept praying for Jonah, but for over two years, the seizures continued unabated, with continued pressure to call in a shaman. Yuwolim adamantly refused & stood firm in his faith. Medicine was eventually found to help the seizures. We continue to pray for complete healing.

Yuwolim’s wife, Siliben, testifies, “God has cared for us—in good and hard times.  He has helped and provided for us in many ways.  We are never short or in need.  He is so very big and good.  We are not afraid. God is always with us”.

Steve & I have seen God answer prayers for healing. But another equally precious answer to prayer is faithfulness in the midst of trials. We have prayed for years that the Tay mature and become strong Christians, living life victoriously in God instead of in constant fear of Satan and his forces. God is answering that prayer powerfully in the life of Yuwolim and his family.

Join us in praising the Lord for Yuwolim’s strong witness. And pray for continued trust in God & healing for Jonah.

Steve and Rhonda are serving among the Tay language group in Bible translation.

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