Is It Worth It?

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by Lori Urton
  • I’ve seen the tears on my daughter’s face as we’ve said goodbye.
  • I’ve been told by family that I’m depriving my children by taking them to PNG.
  • I’ve been asked by friends why we can’t work in the states since there is plenty of work there.
  • I’ve heard the tone of my son’s voice asking when we are going to be in Ukarumpa again.
  • I’ve seen the look in my mother’s eyes wondering if she will ever see me again.
  • I’ve had rats in my house, mosquitoes in my toilet, and spiders in my shower house.
  • I’ve given pain medicine and patched sores.
  • I’ve had to learn how to make bread and not have fresh meat or cold water for weeks.
  • I’ve had the surprise of a letter or a care package from the states.
  • I’ve had malaria, amoebas, headaches, chills, diarrhea, colds, and fevers.
  • I’ve eaten things, smelled things, seen things and experienced things that most people will never get to experience.
  • I’ve been so homesick I almost couldn’t breathe.
  • I’ve been separated from family during the time of attacks in the states on Sept. 11, 2001.
  • I’ve seen a new born baby two days old grow into a busy toddler.
  • I’ve seen the smile on a child’s face when I’ve given him a cookie.
  • I’ve seen the excitement in a young girl’s eyes after I’ve given her soap or salt after having carried water up the mountain for us.
  • I’ve seen the excitement in the Sob people’s eyes as we came for the first time.
  • I’ve heard their prayers thanking God for sending someone to them and being overwhelmed that it was my family.
  • I’ve seen the worried look on their faces when we leave the village.
  • I’ve seen their excitement when we return.
  • I’ve seen them embrace Ryne and smother him with their excitement.
  • I’ve seen the excitement in their faces when I’ve said a Sob word properly.
  • I’ve seen the look of disappointment when I don’t try to talk in Sob.
  • I’ve seen the look on an old man’s face when he looks at his language on paper for the first time and reads it.
Is it worth it? - - - Do you need to ask?

I’ve experienced the bad and the good.

The good far out weighs the bad.

Is it worth it? Do you need to ask?

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