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By Lindy Pate

People often joke about how missionaries must have a wide range of skills. In addition to learning language and culture, Bible Translators have to know about translation, linguistics, and have a good understanding of the Bible. In the village you do your own construction, plumbing, and electrical work. Missionaries must be from-scratch chefs able to work with unusual ingredients.

Bush MaintenanceAdditionally, you are the doctor, dentist, marriage counselor, financial counselor, and storekeeper. Missionaries must be good public speakers. Able to relate well with others. Good writers. Self-motivated and flexible. Flexibility. In addition to sorting and labeling keys and cleaning out the group attic, I’ve helped in other ways while I have been in town.

The other day, I went to the airport with another co-worker to pick up a new guard dog. Koby, the dog, has a reputation for being feisty, and we had never met him. While attempting to transfer Koby from the kennel to our truck, he escaped. Took off running down the airport runway. Oops. While the pilot called the Air traffic control tower, we chased him out of the airport. But then he was in the open and had the whole country as his playground. After 20 minutes (it felt like an hour) of alternating coaxing and chasing, we finally caught Koby. Then we had to convince him to jump in the back of the truck. But that is another story. Add ‘Dog Catcher’ to the list.

Lindy is a Bible translator.

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