Job Descriptions are Tough

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By Lori W.

What do you picture when you hear the word, “missionary”? An evangelist preaching to Africans? A couple sitting in an Asian village learning their language? If I tried defining what a missionary is, I’d simply say, “A person sent on a mission by God.” Ultimately the mission always boils down to the overall Mission of bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world. But I find it is often very difficult to explain my specific mission, as not everyone is aware how God’s broad Mission involves so many different missions to get the job done.

Take Bible Translation for example. Helping to bring God’s Word to people in their own heart language. Once sending churches understand this need, they will understand the work of PBT. But if I explain that I work for PBT, often I am asked, “So you are a Bible translator?” Like an army needs cooks, drivers, mechanics, and secretaries, both overseas and back home, as well as soldiers to operate – the work of Bible translation takes dozens of different positions, both overseas and back home, to get the job done.

But now God is broadening the mission opportunities even more to bring Christ to the world. For the Pioneer Bible Translators worldwide organization, that now involves such things as providing oral Bible translations to cultures who communicate primarily orally; and assisting the deaf communities around the world to translate Scripture into their sign languages.

Sit a missionary down and take time to ask them about their work, their mission. You’ll be amazed how God is working around the world to accomplish His Mission!

Lori W. works in the Publications Department, serving remotely from the USA as a desktop publishing specialist.

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