Life Application from Sob Jonah

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Kaino at summer translation course

The other day after Kaino worked on entering Luke chapter 7 into the computer, he started telling me what had happened in his life. He told me how he and his family had gone down into the Ramu Valley and started going up into the mountains on the other side of the river. They came to an area that has a new gold mining site. The company there offered him a job as a land surveyor. It would have paid him K500 a fortnight (currently around $200 every two weeks). For PNG, that is considered a good paying job.

Kaino thought about this offer for only a short time. He told the men from the company that he didn’t want to end up like Jonah. God had told Jonah to go to Nineveh and he didn’t initially go and ended up being swallowed by a great fish. Kaino applied that story to his own life and calling. He believes that God has called him into this Bible Translation work, so he better do what God has asked him to do. Kaino knew that he didn’t want God to send a great fish, or great snake, or some other animal to swallow him up.

Praise God that we are seeing fruits from the small amount of scripture that is in the Sob language. Pray for Kaino to remain strong in his calling.

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