Little Things Can Make a BIG Difference

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By Jill Riepe

“Kiwa o:sulu hopola sita:lapose matanese o:sulu tiya:pa:. Tomayewi
mapolose tiyapa. Kiyawa ki tima:na: tisewa ki tiya:yewi kalikalise tiye
ha:na:pa:. Solo semetei epakamowa puwano kima niyewi se tiye mikeye,”

read Tommy Logan, the advisor for the Kasua language group. Before I even could form a question in Tok Pisin, one of the national men helping with the consultant check blurted out, “It says that we are to be quiet and steal.” Tommy looked at the verse and noticed that it did indeed say ‘steal’ o:sulu tipela and not ‘be peaceful’ o:sulu tepela. It was just one letter difference, but it was enough to significantly change the meaning. The Kasua New Testament 1 Thessalonians 4:11 now says to live peaceful and quiet lives.

Checking TimothyWe found another example of how a very small change can make a big difference in 2 Timothy 2:3. The phrase for ‘hardship’ nano hilila ikomonawa was instead the phrase for ‘when you smell hardship’ nano hilila ikomowa. It was just missing two letters, but that made a big difference in the meaning.

It has been a great privilege to work with Tommy Logan, a friend from my Bible study here, and the Kasua people as we consultant checked 1 & 2 Thessalonians, 1 & 2 Timothy, and James. Rebekah Drew, a friend from the POC training course that we completed in 2009, joined us for a few days to complete a portion of her training to be a consultant. She is now able to do the final check for Scripture that is needed before it can be published without a full consultant being present. She needs to consultant check 40 more chapters before she becomes full consultant.

Each day as we worked, verse by verse, I prayed that God would show us what needed to be changed and the best way to change the Scripture so the Kasua people would be able to hear His word clearly, accurately, and naturally. Please pray for the Kasua to be transformed by God’s word.

Jill serves as a Bible translator with the Ap Ma people and as a translation consultant.

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