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“Can I come back to town in a month and finish up my computer work on Acts?”

The question comes from Kamilus, a Papua New Guinean who is translating God’s Word into his own Mum language.

We look at the calendar of current bookings, then deliver the disappointing news. “No, there won’t be any space for about four months. We’re sorry.”

Kamilus, and several dozen other men like him, are key partners in our work of translating God’s Word for people groups here in Papua New Guinea. Without them, the work God has given us to do will never be finished.

Yet multiple times we have had to tell them that though they are eager to work, they cannot because there just is “no room in the inn” here in Madang.

For years, it has been the dream of Pioneer Bible Translators in Papua New Guinea to build suitable housing and additional work space for our national co-workers when they come in to Madang. The work that they do in town cannot be done in their village homes, where they have no access to computers, electricity, advisors, and other resources. Additionally, as a translation team begins the last few years of checking and revising a New Testament to make certain it is ready to be published, the men often need to spend extended blocks of time in town – long enough that we would like them to be able to have their wives with them.

Our team of missionaries here has recently devoted time to prayerfully seeking the Lord’s direction about moving forward with long-standing plans to construct a building that will address current needs and accommodate a new wave of growth in PBT’s ministry. The planned two-story building provides:

  • 10 sleeping rooms, each accommodating two people
  • 2 efficiency apartments to accommodate couples
  • Kitchen
  • Dining hall that will also serve as work room and classroom

When we show the plans for this building to our national co-workers, we wish you could see the looks on their faces. Their smiles broaden as the reality sinks in: this facility will provide the housing that is essential to the ongoing progress of their work.

We have contracted with a local company to begin construction on May 23. It’s a huge leap of faith for our team, but after much prayer we unanimously agree that this is what God desires us to do and that He will provide all that is needed.

“Can I come back to town in a month and finish up my computer work on Acts?”

Lord willing, our answer to questions like Kamilus’s will soon be different. “Yes! Please come. Please continue your work so that someday you and your people will have God’s precious Word in your own language!”

For pictures and additional information about this building and how you can have a part in it, please click here.

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