Strategic Prayer Requests

As a branch, we have compiled a core list of strategic prayer requests that we update annually. Each month the blog focuses on one of these requests with an accompanying monthly prayer focus. Please be lifting all of these requests up with us. Pray:

That the Waran New Testament will be finished by the end of 2016, that the Mborena Kam NT will be finished and dedicated by 2017, that the Apal NT will be finished and dedicated by 2025, and that the text of the Aruamu Old Testament will be finished by 2018, that the final revisions, read through and typesetting will be completed in 2019, and the dedication will be in 2020.

That God will show us how to inspire and equip people to read/use their mother-tongue Scriptures and that hearing these Scriptures will create a deep hunger and readiness for more.

That God will show us how to empower and encourage our national co-workers so that they can teach and empower others.

That God will show us how to partner with churches in the language groups we serve to accomplish the work of Bible translation. Pray that local churches will support their translators and literacy workers.

That God will show us how to partner with the churches in Madang to accomplish the work of Bible translation. Pray that churches in Madang will provide financial and prayer support for at least one mother-tongue translator and one employee in our office.

That God will show communities how to support their translators and vernacular schools and motivate and empower them to do so. Pray also that He will show us our part in this.

For revival to spread in the Lower Ramu region and include the Mborena Kam, Aruamu, Kire, Abu, Akukem, Mbiermba, Kayan, and other language groups. Pray that this revival will cross all language and cultural barriers in this area, shining the glory of God in perfect unity only given by His Spirit. Pray that these language groups will identify what is from the Lord and see that it is good, worthy of transforming lives, communities, and entire language groups.

Pray that the E1 curriculum would be translated and adapted into three languages by the end of 2017.  Pray also that schools will desire to purchase and use both the EP and E1 curricula in accordance with government guidelines.

That God will help us to deliberately disciple and mentor our national co-workers.

That God will raise up all the personnel needed to complete the task especially multi-gifted people who are able to fulfill a wide range of responsibilities, including:
a. A Group Directed Projects Coordinator by the end of 2016.
b. At least 2 new team members strongly gifted in administration by the year 2017.
c. At least 8 new translation teams by the year 2019.
d. At least 4 new teams to facilitate Scripture Use by the year 2017.
e. At least 4 literacy specialists by the year 2017.
f. At least 5 national translation specialists by the year 2022.
g. At least 2 trained Papua New Guineans to assist with the recording sessions.
h. Papua New Guineans interested in survey.
i. Papua New Guineans able to fill positions of responsibility, and that God will provide funding for them.

That God will provide the physical facilities needed to provide housing and work space for every person He adds to our team:
a. Additional properties and the resources to develop them by 2016.
b. Resources to continue developing additional housing on existing properties.
c. Resources to develop additional work space.
d. Resources to develop a recording studio.

That God will guide us as we implement the Lower Ramu Project. Pray specifically that He will enable the completion of the Tok Pisin translation helps for Modules 1-3 by October 2016 and Modules 4-6 by July 2017.

That God will increase our effectiveness by expanding our Scripture Use efforts so that we can work in the areas of Bible storytelling and orality, resource development, evangelism, multimedia, teaching, and Church engagement.