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by Lori Witham

Imagine stopping into your Christian book store for an English Bible and you are told they are all out of stock. The sales lady is able to provide you with the book of Mark, but she tells you the book of Acts is on order and should be available in a few years’ time.

In a way, this is how it has been for the national Bible translators of the Akukem language. These few men have been very dedicated, working hard despite various obstacles in order to have the Bible in the Akukem language. In 2006 they celebrated when Mark in Akukem was published. They continued with translating the book of Acts, finishing at the end of 2008. I typeset the book with them in March of last year, then they returned to their villages, expecting the book to be printed soon. But problems and delays prevented Acts from being printed until last month, and we celebrated today because the boxes of books just arrived from the printer.

Lori showing the freshly unpacked Akukem Acts
Lori showing the freshly unpacked Akukem Acts

The core group of Akukem men who have been pushing through all the obstacles, including a difficult hike into town from a remote village each time they come in for a checking session, have been very determined to complete their goal.  I love to see these men’s determination. I loved it when I saw the satisfaction and joy on their faces when I first handed them the printed book of Mark in 2006. Today I saw the same pure joy as I handed the newly printed Acts to the four translators; only the second book of scripture in their language.

Three of the Akukem translators with Acts
Three of the Akukem translators with Acts

When I see that joy, and when I hear Agustine say “Praise God!” as he holds Akukem Acts in his hands, it confirms to me that I’m right where God wants me.

Coming from 10 years’ office work experience as a word processor in various businesses, Lori Witham joined PBT in 1993 as desktop publishing specialist. She is now Administrator of the Publishing Department, typesetting and printing both literacy material and scripture material for the PBT teams.

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