“Prayer is our strategy.”

Pioneer Bible Translators has made it clear who they rely on for the completion of the work and this mindset has taken root here in Papua New Guinea. Prayer strengthens and girds every aspect of our work here. If we look at the task while relying on our own abilities or strength it appears overwhelming and insurmountable. When we look at it through a lens of prayer and trust in God, we become confident in the knowledge that he will enable the work to be accomplished in his way and time.

We covet the prayers of others. In order to help you better pray for the work here we have started a series called Pray for PNG. Right now each of these is focused on the Lower Ramu Project, a new translation program in three undeveloped languages. The first document highlights the project as a whole while the following three highlight the individual language groups. Please feel free to download any or all of these to help guide your prayers about the work here. Also feel free to disseminate them to your church or house groups.

Pray for PNG LRP

Pray for PNG Kayan

Pray for PNG Mbiermba

Pray for PNG Abu