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Toyota Hiace

By Bob and Jacque Harper

What a difference 6 years makes!!  Not only in our bodies but in all the equipment and buildings of PBT – – – PNG!!  At 70 years of age we are still in good shape but realize there have been many changes since we left here in 2005.  We wish we could say as much for our vehicles, being in good shape that is!!!  Each of the 5 has been like a time bomb with another thing going wrong each time one area is fixed.  Bob’s main objective is to get them reliable for use around our pot-hole streets.  One day as I pulled into a parking spot slowly through the dip there was a terrible noise at the rear of my van. The men waved furiously for me to stop.  I put the van in park and got out to look.  The spare tire was being retrieved from the street and the bracket was dragging on the street. Apparently the bolt had loosened and allowed the tire to drop out. The men were helpful and put the tire in the back of the van for me and pushing the rack back in place as possible.  I thought, Oh no, another thing damaged for Bob to fix. Fortunately there was no damage just time to replace tire and securely tighten the bolt.

Bob the Plumber

Finding supplies and replacement parts remains about the same—hit and miss at best.  The biggest difference there has been the terrible increase in prices and the decrease of our dollar value.  We are trying to buy carefully but more often then not there is no choice but to buy what you need.  No Home Depot or Lowes or Auto Zone or Checker to try for options.

Prayer continues to work miracles and both small and large. That is where we are putting our forces day by day.  Here is one of our short table devotions from this week.

Lord, let nothing come between You and this family, let nothing we say or do keep us from worshipping Your name. If daily tasks make us weary or unexpected problems overwhelm us, let us remember you are Lord of all. You have everything under control.  Help us never to forget that.    ” Neither height nor depth nor anything else in all creation shall be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord. “RO 8:39

Bob and Jacque Harper are serving through the ministry of Technical Services

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