Revival in Papua New Guinea

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During September we’re focusing on responding to God’s call. Each of the posts published this month will be about the situations in which our authors have responded to His leading or have witnessed others respond to His leading. Please see the Prayer page to read our strategic prayer request for this month and pray with us that we would see the people of the Lower Ramu area respond to Him.

By Jill Riepe

Revival looks different in Papua New Guinea than America. In America, we tend to have big tent meetings or gather at stadiums to sing meaningful songs of worship, to hear special singers and to be challenged by speakers. At the end of the evening, people come forward to recommit or accept Jesus as their Savior. Hopefully, everyone who attends these revivals returns to their life with a new commitment to Jesus and changed hearts.

The Ap Ma people in the Sepik had a revival in the early 80s. I wasn’t there when it happened, but they are still talking about it. On the anniversary of that revival every year, they meet and pray for that revival to happen again. Apparently, people were very aware of the Spirit and were worshiping Him and everyone was sharing their food. There were miraculous signs and wonders.

During these anniversary celebrations of that historical revival, I always pray for the first step toward revival: repentance. The Ap Ma people remember the fun times of the revival in the 80s, but I wonder if they remember the repentance that brought it on. Just as with any people, the Ap Ma people struggle with sins and not trusting the Lord.

Recently, I’ve heard that there is a revival starting with the Ap Ma people. I am praying that it is not a short-lived movement, but they will allow the Spirit to go deeper in their lives and challenge them to grow stronger in Christ and trust Him. I pray that this revival will allow them to share their faith with language groups around them, that long held rivalries and grudges will be put aside, that the unity of Christian brotherhood would be seen among them, and that the fruits of the Spirit would be evident in their lives. I pray that this revival would spread across the Sepik province and into Madang province.

I pray Mborena Kam, Aruamu, Kire, Abu, Akukem, and other language groups would experience this revival. Pray that this revival will cross all language and cultural barriers in this area, shining the glory of God in perfect unity only given by His Spirit. Pray that these language groups will identify what is from the Lord and see that it is good, worthy of transforming lives, communities, and entire language groups. I pray that you will pray this with me and that our lives will be transformed by watching the Lord’s power go out over Papua New Guinea.

Jill serves as a Bible translator.

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