Strength in the Lord

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By Tyler Hewitt

I have been studying and reading through 1 Samuel for the past month. I just finished the book and look forward reading into 2 Samuel. Chapter 30 tells the how the Amalekites raided Ziklag the town David was living in. They burned it and took everyone captive. They didn’t kill anyone but swept the town clean then burned it to the ground. Once David arrived back to Ziklag after being kicked out of the Philistine army, he and his men wept. They cried and wept until they were exhausted of all tears. They wept until they could not weep anymore. At this point, when David was his weakest, however he still found strength. Not strength from his friends or fellow soldiers, but from the Lord. ‘But David found strength in the Lord his God.’ 1 Sam 30:6

There are times as a missionary you find yourself tired or want to give up and go home. During those times, I am reminded to relax and enjoy a day off. Find rest, regain your strength, and refocus on the reason and purpose of being where I am. I need to find strength and be reminded from David that strength is found in the Lord.

I have had many frustrations over the last week and I know satan is trying to distract me and knock me off course. However, I must stay focused and not have my strength zapped by something unworthy of a greater cause.

Tyler is the Administrator of IT for the branch.

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