Teaching English, a Multi-faceted Ministry

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by Laura Robert

Teaching English as a Second Language at Ukarumpa International School gives me a unique opportunity to minister to a variety of students, as well as support the ministry of Bible translation. Here is an overview of the different types of students my ministry affects.

Presently, Pioneer Bible Translators has one student who attends UIS, Carissa Hayward. Carissa’s parents, Steve and Rhonda Hayward, do translation, literacy, and scripture use work amongst the Tay people. Although I do not teach Carissa personally, because I teach at UIS, which is run by another Bible translation organization, her school fees are lowered to the same rate as the students from this organization.

Many of my students are missionary kids (MK’s) from organizations other than PBT. Their parents are Bible translators, support workers for Bible translation, or involved in other Christian ministries. Most, but not all, of my students who fall into this category are from the country of South Korea, which has become one of the largest missionary sending countries in the world. As time goes on, I think we will see more and more Korean workers in Papua New Guinea, so I am happy to equip them in their work.

A large number of my students are Papua New Guineans whose parents work at the Ukarumpa center. These Papua New Guinean co-workers play a vital role in making Bible translation possible. I enjoy having the opportunity to teach some of their children.

Finally, some of my students are commercial. Their parents are business people, from Papua New Guinea and other countries, who have decided to send their children to our school. These children come from a variety of backgrounds, both Christian and non-Christian. God has given those of us who teach at UIS a unique opportunity to be a witness to these children from the business community.

I really enjoy what I do, and I am thankful to those that make it possible for me to serve in this unique, multi-faceted ministry.

As well as teaching English as a Second Language, Laura has also recently taught a music class to students at the school.

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