The Starfish

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By Eunice Herchenroeder

One of the perks of serving Bible-less people in Papua New Guinea is that I live in one of the best snorkel spots in the world. The underwater world that God created is magnificent, and I never tire of floating above a coral reef and watching an endless variety of sea life.

One of my favorites is the blue starfish. A snorkel outing doesn’t feel quite complete unless I spot at least one. Some days that’s all I see, and on others I see so many that I stop counting after the first Blue Starfish20 or so. I see them sprawled on the ocean floor, clinging to the side of a hunk of coral, crammed into crevices, and tucked away almost invisibly under another form of ocean life.

Wherever I see them as I swim away from my starting point, that’s where they still are when I swim back. I know they move, because when I return a week or two later they’ll be in different places, or they’ll be gone altogether. But I’d never actually seen one move. Until last weekend.

I spotted a starfish in an unusual position. Curious, I watched it. And watched. For at least 15 minutes, maybe 20. And as I watched, it moved. Just a little. But it did move, and I did see it.

The spiritual needs here are enormous. Sometimes I clearly see God working as our team does our part to help meet them. At other times it appears that nothing is happening. In those moments, I’m going to remember that starfish. I’ll be reminded that God is always on the move here, working to accomplish His purposes. And I will remember to keep my eyes open to see the small, sometimes almost imperceptible ways that He is at work in this beautiful place.

Eunice serves in support services and missionary care.

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