Trusting God Again

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During January we’re focusing on remembering God’s provision. Please click the Prayer tab above to read our strategic prayer request for this month.

By Eunice Herchenroeder

Not so many years ago we had an urgent need to provide a place where our village-based national co-workers could stay when they come into Madang to work on translation, literacy, and other projects that help bring God’s transforming Word to their own people. We had a place where it could be built, along with plans drawn up by a builder several years earlier. We also, following a season of intense prayer, had a willingness to move forward, trusting that God would provide the funds needed to build and equip it.

And He did. Despite a major downturn in the U.S. economy and unfavorable exchange rates, the building was constructed and paid for in full by the end of the year. Less than a year after the process began, it was built, furnished, equipped, and in use.

We prayed, we believed that God was directing us to move forward, we trusted – and He provided. And what He provided is more than just a place where our national co-workers can eat and sleep at the end of a long day of work. It’s also a place where they can interact with, encourage, and even mentor each other. It’s a place where Bible studies give opportunity to dig into Scriptures that are transforming their lives.

This building has multiplied the impact of a handful of missionaries.

Now it’s time to prayerfully seek God’s provision for another big, seemingly impossible-to-meet need.

For many years we have been praying that God will bring more missionaries so that we can meet more of the remaining Bible translation and literacy needs here. And He is answering. Last year He added five to our team. And by the time everyone who hopes to come this year actually arrives, we’ll have seven more adults and ten more children. We’re hoping and praying for even more in 2016 and beyond.

All this growth presents a major challenge. We don’t have places for all these newcomers to live. We have a property where we can build a few additional housing units, but we need more than that. And in an economy where a small house needing lots of repair costs about what you’d pay for a decent house in an established L.A.-area neighborhood, there is no simple solution.

And so we turn once again to God in prayer, seeking wisdom and leading, and then trusting Him to provide as we move forward with whatever we believe He is directing us to do.

Remembering His provision in the past . . . trusting that He will provide again . . . for His glory among the nations.

Eunice provides administrative support services and assists in the development of mother-tongue literacy materials for children.

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