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by Jan Messersmith

Before I explain the recent lack of new material appearing here for the last couple of weeks, I’ll show you this morning’s sunrise at our house to put you in a good frame of mind:

Sunrise Panorama
Sunrise Panorama

It has been my intention, from the time when we started this new site for PBT-PNG, that I would attempt to update it twice a week so there would be fresh material available for those who care to visit often. That is still my intention.

Recently my wife, Eunice Messersmith, our PNG Branch Director, was called upon to wear one of her other hats as the Secretary/Treasurer of the Madang Chamber of Commerce and Industry to attend a pow-wow of PIPSO at Nadi, in Fiji. At first I had no intention of going, as I’m presently practicing frugality as hard as I can.

Then I started thinking about two weeks by myself. I had to think about that for about five minutes. I went to ask Eunie if we could afford for me to go with her. She said yes. That is about as far as our money discussions ever go. I ask. She tells me if we can afford it. Drunken sailors have been known to handle their money with more wisdom than I.

Anyway, that is a long-winded excuse for why the site has been static for a wile. I will try to exercise my good intentions again starting today.

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