Ten Things A Missionary Might NOT Be

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By Lori Witham

1.  A public speaker. Some missionaries are scared silly when giving mission reports to churches.  God is the enabler.

2. An evangelist.  Christians must all share Christ with others, though God’s plan to evangelize the world includes evangelists and preachers, but also administrators, handymen, professors. . .

3. An American.  God is sending Koreans to England, Australians to Africa, and Americans to . . . America. A missionary is someone who says to God, “You know what I can contribute to Christ’s Great Commission, and You know where there is a need. Send me there.”

4. A world traveller. Though a missionary does cross-cultural work, we may end up working in our own back yard or wherever God can use us.

5. An adventurer. Some find that Missions appeals to their sense of adventure, but not everyone. God gives strength to the fearful.

6. A linguist.  Some think all missionaries learn languages easily. I am here to say that’s a false assumption.  But God enables us to learn new languages.

7. A zoologist, entomologist, or herpetologist.  If you are afraid of strange insects, you are not alone. God is the enabler in the presence of creepy crawly things.

8. A “real loser”.  Some say if there are no other career options, then you become a missionary. The truth is there are brilliant Christians serving God around the globe who have given up great careers because they told God, “You know what I can contribute to the Great Commission. You know where there is a need. Send me there.”

9. A young adult.  Serving God in Missions does not require you to start young. Many tasks can be accomplished more easily by the knowledge gained during past careers.

10. A . . . missionary is not any certain  type of person, just a Christian sent to do a job in another culture to further God’s Kingdom.

Lori serves as administrator of the Publications office, assisting in producing both scripture and literacy material.

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