The life and death of Dulcy

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By Emily Hewitt

Yangat Dulcy Piki left an impact on the world that will be felt greatly when the time comes to dedicate the New Testament in the Mborena Kam language group. She propelled the translation program over the past 30 years as she faithfully stood by her husband, supporting him so that he could give his time to lead the translation team. It was her voice that cheered Steven on over the years through the struggles and the joys, it was her voice that called him out during the times he may have wanted to give up, and it was her voice in her last days that said to Steven and their children, “Finish the translation of the New Testament and dedicate it.”

As I sat at her funeral service, the people shared of how she, though unschooled herself, impacted a generation of children by leading the charges to make education in her mother tongue possible. A woman who would never have the opportunity to read herself enabled the Mborena Kam men and women of my generation to read the Word of God in their own language. Pray for the Mborena Kam language group, that their hearts will be prepared to receive God’s Word in their language, and thank God with us for the life of Dulcy!

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Emily serves as the Director of Support Services.

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